Multiple analytes on one instrument

Multiple sample types

All-in-one test cartridge

Automatic self-check system

No additional calibration necessary

Throughput: 480 tests/hour 580 tests/hour with ISE

Test items on board: 36 items + ISE 3 items

Reaction volume: 120– 300 micro-liter

Patient samples on board: 72 patient samples, 30 STAT samples

Reaction volume: 140– 300 micro-liter

Test items on board: 24 items + ISE 3 items / 36 items + ISE 3 items

Patient samples on board: 30 patient samples

Throughput: 270 tests/hour 450 tests/hour with ISE

R1: 140 ~ 300μl (1μl step)

R2: 20 ~ 260μl (1μl step)

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Please download what you are looking for. Company Profile consists of major files such as company profile , Nima Pouyesh Teb Brochure as well as products' flyers.

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External Quality Assessment (EQA) and Proficiency Testing (PT) are valuable tools in the quality improvement process. They provide objective evidence of laboratory competence for customers, accrediting bodies, and regulatory agencies, and serve as a unique source of information that is not obtainable in other ways.

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Please meet us events. We would be honored to see you there and show you what is new and what we have. You can check all the coming events we either having or participating by check this section out.

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